About Us



Like many of you we were tired of sitting in traffic, driving around the block three or four times to find a park during the weekend, knowing that the more petrol we burn the hotter our planet gets. What kind of cities did we want to leave our kids? What kind of planet did we want to leave our kids? Couldn't we just go into town without taking half an hour to get a park?! We remembered how much we used to bike when we were kids, everywhere, why couldn't we do that again?

So the hunt for a good utility bike began, they were out there but they were big, and they were pricey! We thought we'd never be able to get these things up Wellington's hills. So we added electric assist into our search, but still nothing was quite right, too big, too expensive. Then we found the Juiced ODK, it was at that point we knew we'd found the perfect utility bike. Well made but affordable, strong but not unwieldy. Well specced! But no-one in NZ seemed to be selling them.


...an ambiguous question asking if Juiced had a New Zealand distributor resulted in the following reply "Could you tell us your plan for distribution?". Well we hadn't even considered it to be honest, right up until that point. So it began.

Our Mission.

We're here to get Kiwis on to bikes. Good bikes. Affordable bikes. We want you to use our bikes every day, uphill, downhill, by yourself, with your kids, with your shopping, to work, school, the park and back home again.

Our Backing.

We stick with San Diego based Juiced Bikes because they are the real deal. Not only do they design sweet bikes but they are the hardest workers you could hope to meet. With a CV that reads Princeton University, High-Jump champion, Juiced Bikes, founder Tora Harris doesn't do things by halves. A fluent Mandarin speaker, Tora is backed by Luyuan Electric Vehicle, one of the top electric bike makers in China. They have created a High Performance E-bike Division with over 90 engineers and technicians and Juiced Bikes are the realisation of a vision to make quality built electric bikes accessible. When you ride a Juiced Bike you get a high-end ride but you don't pay the high-end price.