All New CrossCurrent S!

Coming November


It Gets Better

We've listened to the feedback and taken it further. With integrated mudguards, rack, front light, improved kickstand, better controller, IP65 rated LCD display, upgraded battery cells and the toughest spokes we could find. The CrossCurrent S once again stands out from crowd.

A sport commuter to be proud of.


ODK U500

The utility bike reinvented.

An e-utility bike built for moving you, your kids and your gear across town with ease.



The ultimate electric utility bike.


Engineered for power, strength, stability and agility the Juiced Bikes ODK is the ultimate electric bike platform.


The best range in the business


With Juiced Bikes industry leading battery technology you have the power to ascend the steepest streets and the capacity to do the longest commutes. The biggest Juiced ODK battery has more capacity than a Toyota Prius!¹

You get the best batteries available, a super strong cargo frame and quality components throughout all at prices that make the Juiced ODK the ultimate car alternative.


* Estimated real-world maximum range. Higher distances possible on a full charge in perfect conditions. Gradient and headwind have a marked affect on energy consumption. Pedalling and judicious use of throttle can help a lot. Spec your bike for your expected conditions.

¹ Toyota Prius V has a 1300wh battery.